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Genucel Jawline Treatment


What is MDL Technology?

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MDL Technology is Chamonix's most advanced skin care technology to date! It is a unique functional ingredient derived from the natural vegetable oil of Meadowfoam to visibly tighten the saggy jawline and target that pesky "double chin" area!

By combining Meadowlactones with revitalizing natural peptides, for the first time ever, the skin around your chin and neck area will visibly tighten within minutes. It works amazingly quick and the results get better every day.

What People Say:

So good, even through early days!”

“So good, even through early days! I have been looking to tighten my jaw line, make it look as it did in 'years gone by' — and it is happening! Really pleased with this, for sure.”

- Susan

“Genucel is worth every penny

“Genucel is worth every penny... Genucel works so well that my phone didn't even recognize me! I had to reset my Face ID!”

- Janine



Dramatic Results!

Genucel Product

State-of-the-art science - your most powerful weapon against bags & puffiness

  • Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy targets bags and puffiness
  • Double peptide concentrations for more noticeable results
  • Patented skin care technology to see results in as little as 12 hours
  • Visibly improves that "double chin" area within minutes!
  • Tighten and define the appearance of the skin around the jawline right before your eyes